Ubuntu fails to add the Epson WF-4820 printer properly

  • Ubuntu 22.04, set up in februari 2023

A nice settings panel and printer auto detect are getting nowhere. It just won’t print. In order to get it going, skip the GNOME interface and head over to terminal.

Make sure you have the IP number ready. You can have the printer print it for you, just run through the LCD menu system. In this example. is the IP number.

Start the terminal application and enter these commands (not the $).

$ sudo su -

Once you are root:

$ lpadmin -p epson -v ipp:// -m everywhere

You will also see the printer appear in the GNOME settings panel. But here, the Test Page feature does not work. Print your own work and see that it works. Also, stupid stuff may fail such as ink status, but who cares.