SD Card writing problems

In order to get your Raspberry Pi going, it is usually recommended to go with Balena Etcher. No longer for me. It has given me so many problems. It just does not work correctly on this Pop!_OS Linux box.

So here is the correct command to get it going.

sudo dd if=Volumio-3.179-2021-12-20-pi.img of=/dev/sdc status=progress bs=4M
  • if = the input file. If it is a, get in unzipped first. Volumio is a nice audio player, it is my personal favourite. Get a Hifiberry DAC for the best sound.
  • of = the output device. sudo dmesg while inserting the card. Have it umounted before writing
  • status=progress is nice to see
  • bs = blocksize, go with it.